CompBass Ltd® have a passion for the design and development of full range loudspeaker systems.

We have extended the frequency range that can be reproduced by compact sub bass home entertainment and PA systems

Our patented Compression Loudspeaker System was developed over a 20 year period on a mission to tailor its performance to the demands of the PA and home entertainment markets.

Compression Loudspeaker Systems are now available as single driver Sub-bass compact enclosures and as full range 3-way enclosures with our Cellular Bass® module.

  • Model CBLS 3 is our leading edge loudspeaker for Disco,games and home entertainment

  • Engineered for  rich, satisfying sound evenly balanced across the audio range

  • Electro-magnetic compression horn tweeter presents brilliant highs around you 

  • Sealed midrange driver projects its sound image towards you  

  • Cellular Bass® module pumps 20Hz to 150Hz pure sub bass into every space

  • Ideal for lovers of all types of music, movie soundtracks and video games

  • Truly life like 3-way performance

  • easy to set up, Responsive to your favourite tone settings